St. Tom Bio


Standing as a POINTER to God’s Power through His Son, Christ.

Speaker  | Entrepreneurial | Inventor | Reformer

I, Kofi Tawiah Agyeman Thomas, am a creative, dynamic, progressive and a visionary leader. My cardinal values are love,integrity, meeked courage, humility and service.

These values inform all my decisions and initiatives. I am on a quest for knowledge and truth and willingness to reign to any degree to get it. I am convinced that in Christ alone is steadfast peace, joy and hope of in this life and the afterlife. He is the answer for those thirsting and seeking for truth and meaning and fulfillment this in life.

With this conviction, I coach people in perceiving (discovering), believing, conceiving and achieving (birthing, nursing, growing and serving) their God-given dreams, gifts, desires and assignments.

Still by this same conviction stated above, I influence people to see beyond their current circumstances; to create opportunities in adversities; inflaming and rekindling, in them, a burning desire to reach out for their dreams and inspiring them to make deliberately determined destiny driving decisions to “live out to” their highest potential; to make a commitment to live passionately.  

As it is written in the bible (Rev 11:15) “…there were great voices in heaven, saying, the kingdoms of this world are become [the kingdoms] of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.”; my ultimate vision is a world where all systems have been reconciled (reformed and conformed) to God and the Kingdom of His Christ. Economic and Financial Systems, Religious and Faith- Based Systems including the body of Christ, Political, Legal and Governmental Systems, Educational & Academic System, Socio-Cultural Systems and Scientific, Philosophical & Technological Systems.

I trust that if men of like-conviction are planted in these said systems of the world they could serve are catalyst of reformation.

I perceive myself to be oracle of God-His very mouthpiece. It is my utmost believe that there is no force in the whole universes nor on earth below, nor in heaven above, that is greater than the world



Nationality: Ghanaian

Residence: Gumani, Tamale

Contact: 0241693133

Language: English

Post:  P. O. Box AN16829 Accra-North, Ghana



  • Mentorship, Human Potential Development
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Creative Writing
  • Performing & Fine Arts: Poetry Drama, Choreography
  • Public Speaking
  • Engineering, Science & Technological Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Preaching the Gospel of Christ and Sharing His word with Believers.


  • Expositor of the Gospel of Christ
  • Technological Innovations Conceptor
  • Humanitarian & Development Strategy Conceptor
  • Performing (Spoken Word Poetry, Drama)
  • Creative Arts Directing
  • Author and Playwright
  • Digital Graphic Designing
  • Data Analysis
  • Conference Speaking
  • Computer Scientist and Engineer (George Grant University of Mines & Technology)


Andoh-Robertson Theophilus
Head of Counselling Unit
George Grant University of Mines & Technology
+233 (0) 2

Michael Alandu
Chief of Party, Northern Ghana Governance Activity (NGGA) Project
CARE International
+233 (0) 244 313 672

Kumi Boateng
Head of Chaplaincy Board
George Grant University of Mines & Technology
+233 (0)

Padmore Agyeman Lartey
Founder, PadySalo Enterprises
+233 (0) 244 634 124, +233 (0) 504 634 124